tracking course

PODO Olle Course

Podo is a course inside the hotel where you can see the beautiful landscapes of the PINX Golf Club and feel the quiet and natural nature of the forest trail as it is.
Time Required
Approximately 20 minutes (1 km round trip)

Pay attention to golf carts when moving in the golf course.

Keep quiet when golfers are playing

Mabogi Oreum Course

At the top of Mabogi Oreum, you can find the magnificent scenery such as the panorama of PINX, Gunsan, Sambangsan Mountain, Brother Islands, and the oreums in the western part of Gapado Island and Marado Island.
Time Required
Approximately 40 minutes (2 km round trip)
You must be accompanied by at least two or more people for visit and must inform the front desk before departure.
Wear sneakers and hiking boots, and refrain from visiting in rain
Follow the road up on the way down