Korea's first golf course included the world’s top 100 golf courses

Pride of World Class

The very last work of life of Theodore G Robinson who designed 170 golf courses all over the world.

Player Friendly, But Challenge

"When I saw it for the first time,

I felt it was very special. So I decided.

I should design it as if nature made it by myself"

- Course Designer. Theodore G Robinson

Message from the world-renowned architect, Itami Jun, to Jeju

From the beginning as a part of nature

"I put emphasis on making the best of the fantastic view of PINX GC and

more on the coexistence with the land and the communication with

the environment while trying not to overlook the exquisite balance.”



  • 01


    The restaurant overlooking Sanbangsan Mountain and Marado Island off Seogwipo offers healthy menus prepared with the ingredients of clean Jeju.

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  • 02


    The sauna with the only one aragonite open-air hot spring in Korea and the beautiful view of the course provides a leisurely and comfortable spacing for resting.

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  • 03


    We carry a wide range of brand apparel and accessories and also PINX Select Specialty Product Set.

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  • 04


    The western grass, the same as the one actually applied to fairway, is applied so you can practice comfortably in an environment very close to the actual course.

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  • 05


    It offers a luxurious atmosphere appropriate for elegant corporate banquets, seminars and social gatherings

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