A paradise that dreams the unity between nature and people, BIOTOPIA


BIOTOPIA, constructed on 628,099 m2 land based on the ecosystem of Hallasan Mountain
and volcanic resources, is a space for healthy life consisting of villas and town houses
that blend themselves into the curves of volcanic cones and the topography and the environment
preserving ecological park sits inside.
  • 온천
  • 수영장
  • 생태정원


The epicurism enjoyed inside sensuous interior and nature
The view of nature spreading along the elegant and sensuous interior and the wide window captures eyes. It offers light pizzas freshly baked in the oven in authentic Italian way and a variety of seasonal menus are stimulating the palates of epicures.


Bread and cake prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients and sensuousness of Jeju
PINX Bakery, newly launched through the collaboration with the patissiers from Grand Walkerhill Hotel which boasts of 40 years of tradition.
Fresh seasonal ingredients of Jeju are mixed with unique sensuousness to offer healthy taste.
Enjoy 30 or more freshly baked bread, cakes, and cookies.


Elegant art found in everyday life

The museum was designed on the theme of water, wind, and stone, which are the most prominent elements of Jeju Island.
This place was designed by Itami Jun, the architect who designed PODO Hotel, based on the idea of the ‘museum as the space for meditation’ rather than an ordinary museum exhibiting art works,
and it embodies the architecture where the experience of nature turns into the work of art.